Grand opening

Special: body massage $39/h


Grand opening

Specail: 50% off for all package


Grand opening

Special: prince/princess package for only $55


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About BodysoleSpa

We are your friends. Whether you are a fireman, a doctor, a creative artist, or a teacher, Bodysole Massage&Spa is a place that you can spend a couple of hours a week to experience a wonderful spa treatment without the guilt of breaking the bank.We are family friendly.We promise to keep our facility clean and our space quiet to provide you with a relaxing, stress-free atmosphere. You will receive consistent, quality service that always comes with a smile while enjoying the soothing ambiance of the spa. We promise that you will feel happier and more relaxed after our services. All therapists are committed to putting a smile on your face and bringing you our signature Bodysole Massage&Spa experience.

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The Royal
  • 15 minute body detox
  • 90 minutes body massage with hot stone ,Vichy shower with salt scrub ,and sauna session
The queen
  • 15 minutes body detox
  • 60 minutes body massage with hot stone, 60minute clothes on foot massage ,Vichy shower with salt scrub and sauna session
The prince /princess
  • 15 minute body detox
  • 60 minutes body massage with hot stone ,Vichy shower ,and sauna session
The earldom package
  • 30 minute clothes on body massage
  • 30minute clothes on reflexology session
  • 15 minute body detox
  • 15minute sauna and our special foot mask treatment and hot towels.

$39per hour

Specail body massage

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Monday - Sunday:
10am - 11:00pm

3983 30th st
San Diego, CA 92104.

Phone: (619)297-8888

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